Vladimir Putin

Malik, Sardar Hardit Singh

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Canadians the speaker met during his service in World War I. A true picture of Indian life. Some misconceptions. Some recent developments in India, particularly in the industries. The tradition of craftsmanship to be found in India which is now being continued in India's manufacturing industries. The great changes that have taken place in the industrial and economic life of India over the last 25 years. Instances of industrial development for exemplification. Iron and steel as India's biggest manufacturing industries. Subsidiary industries such as tinplate, wire and wire nails. The cotton textile industry and the rapid strides it has made over the last 50 years. The refining of all the white sugar required in India. Cement, heavy chemicals, soap, and other industries that have made rapid progress. India's favourable situation in terms of raw materials, and large market. Indigenous capital used for industrial development. India still a market for other countries. India's reaction to the present crisis. Remembering India's part in the last war. The Indian army in France. An anecdotal incident between the Canadian Army and the Indian Army in 1915. Unanimous condemnation of Germany in India. Some words from His Excellency, the Viceroy, Lord Linlithgow, and from an Indian Minister in Charge of Law and Order, the Home Minister for the Bombay Government. Mahatma Gandhi's sympathy for Great Britain and France, and for what they stand. India automatically at war the same time as the United Kingdom, under the present constitutional position. The part that India might possibly play in the construction of the future world.