Vladimir Putin

De Simone, Mark

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What the term "New World" meant and means. The impact, the new environment, and the new rules of the Information Age. The redistributions of wealth and power throughout the world in the 90s. The Renaissance of the Computer. A brief historical review looking at some of the events and influences that have led to the Information Age. How information can now be obtained, packaged, and distributed, including personal information. The value of information. The impact of the fact that all organizations today are in the information business. New technologies and new relationships. Changes in relations with competitors as well as customers. An attempt to answer the question "What business are you really in?" Examples of the change in perspective. What a successful firm of the future will be like. The transformation of information systems, and the necessity for that transformation. Investments in personal computer technology and the conditions which must be met for those investments to reach full potential. How successful organizations will deal with the issues, with examples. A call to action for executives, with recommendations to face the changes and challenges ahead.