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Dumoulin, Jacques

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A history of Quebec and its people. The heroes of 1646, 1648 and 1649. Immigration and population of Quebec. The heroic story of capture and recapture, taking and retaking of strategic points. Colonists no longer French who became Canadian. The vigorous, youthful nation of the United States and how it would, in the course of time, exert a certain influence over its Canadian neighbour. The French Canadians' decline to merge their lot with the Americans in 1776. The paramount political preoccupation in Quebec, from 1774 to 1867, of obtaining a full measure of responsible government and the recognition of treaty rights. Upper and Lower Canadians joining forces in the pursuit of constitutional rule. The numerous problems now confronting the people of Quebec, and of Canada. A candid summing up of the questions at stake. Canada's growing national debt. Quebec keeping a wary eye on Canada's international policy. Some words from His Excellency Lord Tweedsmuir addressing the Institute of International Affairs on October 12, 1937. A reminder from the speaker of Quebec's proved devotion to the cause of Canadian unity.