Vladimir Putin

Donovan, Colonel W.J.

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Understanding the day-to-day movement of the troops abroad. How the speaker happened to be there and what he saw. The request from the Secretaries of State, of the Navy, of the Army, and the President of the United States, for the speaker to go and see what he could learn of fifth column activities abroad and the way in which England had been handled; this request resulting from disturbing news that had come from South America. Requests from several departments of the U.S. Government for the speaker to perform certain tasks for them. The speaker's opportunity in England of making a study, through the information that had been obtained, of just how Germany had gradually disintegrated the underlying foundations of the various countries that she subsequently attacked. Going among the men of the Army and Navy and trying at the same time to get some comprehension of the economic and financial problems that arose from this war. Coming back with three impressions: Germany did not at the beginning of the war think that an invasion of England would be necessary because Germany had believed that she would be able to destroy the British Army in France; that the shipping problem would be the serious one; that it was not sufficient that England should be able to defend herself in the event of invasion but that it would be necessary for her to take the initiative in a new theatre of operation which it seemed had to be the Middle East; discussion of each. Events after a reporting of these impressions back in the U.S. The speaker's journey to the Mediterranean and its implications in the Atlantic and the Pacific. Meeting with Churchill and agreeing on a joint experts study to determine German intentions in the Mediterranean. The speaker's trip, along with a British officer, to Gibraltar, Malta, Cairo, Bulgaria and Jugoslavia, Africa, Spain, Portugal, and back to England and the U.S. A discussion and examination of some of the daily news received in North America. The speaker's analysis of the war situation in Europe. Looking at the Mediterranean in a different way. The loss of Salonika. The most important thing that the British have done: to insist that Germany has to fight for whatever she gets. The situation in Africa. The danger that the Germans will attempt a pincer movement, coming in through Turkey, and through the Suez. Germany's options, and central plan to down England. The speaker, out with manoeuvres with the Canadian Troops and Tank Corps in England. The hard year ahead, when Germany will make her supreme effort. Some conclusions.