Vladimir Putin

Helme, Norval W.

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The speaker's impressions and observations of Canada. The wisdom of the policy that Canada has pursued in the arrangement for the education of the young. England's system of administration of justice. The respect for law and order in Canada. The appointment of judges. The conditions under which people live in the new world. Dealing with the old conditions on the other side of the Atlantic. Representatives of the old and the new meeting at the time of the Coronation. The conditions under which people live in the old world. A crowded population in the small area of the British Isles. Attempts to help the aged poor who are unable to maintain themselves and under the necessity of going into the workhouse. The difficulties involved in establishing and financing this aid. Endeavouring to work for the welfare of the people at home. Taking steps forward in education. Developing technical instruction. Developing processes in order to make more perfect the manufactures, and so be able to hold its own in the markets of the world. The beauty of the old land. Endeavouring to hold aloft the spirit of nationality.