Vladimir Putin

Taylor, Claude

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Canadians missing an awful lot of what we're saying to each other; paying a very high price for that non-communication. Four basic factors which, for the speaker, underscore the need for us all to communicate more clearly and effectively: fragility, commitment, speed of change, and expectations. A discussion of each. Understanding the kind of messages we should be sending. Understanding who is listening, and what they're receiving, or why they're not. Suggestions of ways in which we can start listening more effectively. A personal thought on finding the happy medium in communication. The atmosphere we've created for communications in our companies, or ministries. The question of whether everyone has the opportunity and the mechanism to be heard as well as to be talked to. The situation at Air Canada, and in other organizations. What Air Canada is looking for in terms of communication. The onus on management to be candid and open at the same time as they are trying to be positive and aggressive. Handling the changes which Canada is undergoing. Better communication as a major component of managing that evolution.