Vladimir Putin

Gathercole, George

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Discipline as a response to one's conscience. Discipline as the means by which unity and action are harnessed to work in the interests of the whole community. Discipline as the process by which in return for giving up a lollipop today, we can look forward to getting the deed to the candy store tomorrow. The nature of a democratic society. The treasured possession of individual liberty. Our increasing interdependence. Desires and wants vs. willingness and preparedness to accept changed circumstances. The matter of preserving our Canadian identity and viability as an example. The preservation of Canadian unity: an exploration. Testing times faced by Ontario Hydro. Ontario Hydro's commitments in the next several years. Matching capacity to demand. Steering a course between security of power supply and economy of supply and the difficulties involved in doing so. Harnessing nuclear energy for the generation of electric power. The risks of innovation. The need to seek solutions for problems from the standpoint of the community interest or the common good. The issues of wage increases and strikes. The strike of the construction unions which crippled vital Hydro projects for many months last year. Gaining a better understanding and more effective approach to resolving differences out of the experience. Ontario Hydro's relations with labour and other members of its staff. The need for better ways of maintaining uninterrupted production and restraining increases in costs. Facing up to reality and accepting responsibility. A more generous application of economic discipline today to avoid sterner demands being imposed upon us tomorrow.