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Cody, Rev. H.J.

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Speaking on the subject of Northern Ontario from a somewhat personal standpoint. The speaker's recent journey to Moose Factory. Who went on the journey; the purpose of the journey. Accomplishment of the main purpose of the journey. Making the people of Northern Ontario realize that in spite of distance they are an integral part of one citizen body. The history and romance associated with James Bay and Hudson's Bay. Henry Hudson's monument. The fur trade. The secret of the growth of the British Empire: "the Adventurers of England." Bearing in mind this historic background, the speaker describes the journey to Moose Factory in some detail. Some impressions on the mind and imagination of everyone in the party. Being brought face to face with creative forces in that Great Northern part of Ontario. Being brought fact to face with the vicissitudes of pioneer life. Paying tribute to the pertinacity, optimism and determination of the men and women who are opening up to settlement and development this vast part of the Province of Ontario. The extraordinary resourcefulness of the men of the North, the men of the woods, with examples. Shooting the rapids of the great Northland of Ontario. Realizing the vast size of Northern Ontario. The extent of the great Laurentian Plateau, and its consequent contribution to the problems in Canada - political, transportation, financial, sociological, business. Coming to understand the meaning of it, and the meaning of Canadian history in the past or Canadian problems in the present. The natural resources to be found in this Northern land. The potential for mineral production, and for the timber industry. Problems associated with the clash between white people and the Indians. The need of applying education, science, larger intelligence, trained skill, in these vast natural resources at our very doors in Canada. What was learned from the journey.