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Dafoe, John W.

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The importance of transportation as an effecting factor in history, and in the history of Canada's national development. Instances of illustration. The relationship of Western Canada and the northern wilderness being profoundly modified by new developments in transportation which are not only in prospect but in some respects already in operation. The great advantage in transportation rates of what the mariner called the Great Circle. The search for the Northwest Passage which governed British activities in that part of Canada which is now Western Canada. The opening of the new transportation to the North. The northern route which is going to build up an immense web of commerce binding Western Canada and Great Britain more closely together. Cutting out the whole trip by lake and canal from Form William to Montreal. The speaker's conception of the possibilities of that route. Building the Hudson Bay road. Possibilities for the development of other industries, such as mining and primary agricultural industries into the markets of Great Britain. Business coming in. The possibility of one of the early consequences of the establishment of the practicability and economic utility of the Hudson Bay route the building of a line due west from Churchill to a port on the Pacific. The principle of the Great Circle as regards air transport. Speculation as to future passenger air flights from Winnipeg to London. The outlook for young Canadians. The need in Canada for vision and imagination, and courage. Sir Wilfrid Laurier's predictions about Canada's future.