Vladimir Putin

Beatty, E.W.

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The Canadian Pacific operations within the limits of Ontario. The variety of railway traffic possibilities offered in Ontario. Ontario's share of manufactured products, with some specific figures. What the future holds in terms of traffic and railway possibilities in Ontario. Total railway mileage for Ontario. Expectations for the National Railway System to develop into one of the largest single organizations in the world. What it will possess, and of what it will be composed. Local projects in Ontario which are designed to accelerate development. Opposition to the activities of the Canadian Pacific, and the speaker's response to it. The company's first and principal interest. The magnitude of the company's stake in the prosperity of Canada, with some investment figures. A brief look at the development of the railways in Canada and in the United States. The relationship between rates and wages; the situation in Canada. What wage increases in the United States will mean for Canada. The unwarranted inflated cost of all staple commodities in Canada and the United States. The history of the last few weeks in Great Britain as indicative of what can be done when it becomes apparent that the sentiment of the people as a whole demands action and expects remedies. The artificial conditions created by five years of war; the requirement for artificial means to correct conditions. The necessity for the moment of more production, which means more work and greater thrift. The pay-roll of the Canadian Pacific. Seeking greater efficiency. The duty which transportation companies, whether government owned and operated or privately owned and operated, owe to the people of Canada, and why that is so. The need for support of railway activities. The essential need for intelligent and serious discussion of all phases of transportation activity in connection with Canada's development.