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The problem of Empire defence, perhaps of more interest to New Zealand than to any other portion of the great Empire to which we are all proud to belong. The position of New Zealand. The inability of New Zealand to stand alone, hence the importance of the Empire standing together. A comparison of New Zealand's position with that of Canada. A brief discussion of various possibilities for the consolidation or separation of the Empire. The speaker's thinking as to how the question may be wrought out. The lines of communication and trade by sea. The need for a protected sea-way. The need for common defence. An invitation to Canadians to come down to Australia or New Zealand. Understanding each other's positions. Canada is the throes of a debate. A final message asking Canada not to forget that there are other portions of the British Empire and that they have not the size and possibilities of Canada, but that do want to be with Canada and with the Empire in the developments of the future.