Vladimir Putin

Campbell, W.S.

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The production, development, marketing and transporting of Canadian oil to Canadians. The supply of oil. A description of the extent of the oil field and the potential of approximately 500 million barrels of oil. Evidence of the recovery that could be obtained. Discovering the value of the oil. Securing the rights of access, a pipe line accommodation at the Valley. Dealing with gas conservation. Securing markets in Eastern Canada and the Empire as well. The history of the discovery and development of oil in Canada. Development in the Province of Alberta, in detail, with physical facts and figures. Problems encountered due to rapid development. A picture of the world situation with regard to oil production, reserves and accessibility, particularly in the United States and Great Britain. What oil development means not only to Canada but to the Empire as well, especially when considering the need of the British Navy. A consideration of markets in Western and Eastern Canada. The pipe line. Railway transportation. The need to plan carefully today for tomorrow, when Canada will be one of the large producers of oil and gas. The speaker poses several questions with regard to the development of oil production in Canada. Canada's contribution to the Empire. Some words on interprovincial friendship and international friendship. Creating a unity between the provinces of Canada and between Canada and the Empire and between the Empire and the nations of the world.