Vladimir Putin

Jones, Oakah L.

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Some remarks about Toronto. How a company like Consumers' Gas and Natural Gas can help to make Toronto a "city of infinite beauty." A recent finding that the cost of manufacturing gas was so costly both labour and materialwise as to be pricing ourselves out of business. Looking for a new source of supply which could eventually result in establishing new lower competitive gas rates. With the approval of Queen's Park and the Dominion Government, a negotiation for a supply of natural gas in the only area where it is available to the company: South Texas and Louisiana (pending building of the line from Western Canada). Some facts about natural gas. The "clean" nature of natural gas. The issue of smoke abatement. Good news for the Canadian economy when natural gas starts coming from Alberta and the West. Consumers' Gas greatest job ahead of it right now. Building up sales as fast as possible. Being proud of the way people will feel about Consumers' Gas.