Vladimir Putin

Grauer, Albert Edward

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Canada's traditional six, diverse regions. Looking at Canada from the viewpoint of its various regions to complement and illuminate studies of Canada as a national entity. The speaker's description of, and comments on, the three regions of Western Canada, that is, the Prairies, British Columbia, and the Yukon and Northwest Territories (the "North"). Topics covered include Prairie agriculture and its outlook for the future; oil and gas in Alberta; coal in Alberta and Saskatchewan; water power and the development of mineral resources in Manitoba; forest resources in the North; Canada's mining industry; secondary manufacturing; Winnipeg as the largest industrial centre in the Prairies and why that is so; geographical characteristics of British Columbia; industry in B.C., shoreline climate; forest products; B.C.'s mineral wealth; energy resources and projects in B.C.; developing diversified economies around B.C.'s all-year-round ports; conditions in the North; the development of natural resources; transportation problems in the North; the lack of population and associated lack of financial capacity; the fundamental importance of the ability to attract capital for all three Western regions; questions for Government spending. Some optimistic conclusions.