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Blondin, Hon. Pierre

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The great deal of good, but also many evils, still to be remedied, brought along in the train of Confederation. The worst of these evils that tale-bearer business, in which few, but still too many politicians indulge, in reporting distorted speeches between the two sister-provinces, and commenting them, in such a way, as invariably to raise creed or race prejudices. How the ideal of the British Empire will be achieved. Blind and brutal organized force as the unglorious part of Germany in this war. German statesmanship degenerated into piracy. Democracy as illustrated by the British Empire's leaving it to its sons, to its Dominions, to say if it shall wage and win this war. A word about the French Canadians; about Canada being their one and only land. The contribution to the war effort from the Province of Quebec. Patriotism in Quebec. A quotation from a letter from a high official of the Church in Quebec.