Vladimir Putin

Drew, Lieutenant-Colonel George A.

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Living through one of the greatest, one of the most far-reaching events in the history of the world. The next few weeks to decide whether the principal of collective enforcement of peace, which was the dream of those who signed the Treaty of Versailles is to become a reality, or whether we are to see the present amassing of arms lead us down the road to destruction. Mr. King's announcement that Canada subscribed to the principle of sanctions, along with 36 other nations, imposed on Italy as an aggressor nation. The first real test of the theory which underlies the whole foundation of the League of Nations. If Italy withdraws from Ethiopia, then the speaker believes that a new day will have dawned in the principle of international justice in the world, which will be only the beginning. The more important threat to world peace today: Germany. The German preparation for war which far surpasses that of Italy. What is happening in Germany compared with what is happening in Italy. The role of propaganda in both countries. An analysis of a moving picture seen by the speaker just before going to Germany last summer, "The Young and the Old King" which signified the mental attitude and the development of the propaganda organization in Germany. A picture of rigid efficiency everywhere in Germany, beginning at the Airport. The sinister background underneath all the efficiency and courtesy. The treatment of the Jews and the suppression of religion in Germany. Some exceptions witnessed by the speaker. The striking contrasts seen in Germany today: some impressions. An absence of those formal German salutes that we have been led to expect. The use of posters. Being misled about the military training in Berlin. Some figures on Germany's military strength. The extremely efficient centralization of authority in Berlin itself and why this is so significant. All public works subordinated to the theory of military expediency. The feverish activity in developing the production of food stuffs that will make them self supporting. The programme of substitution by scientific means of those things that cannot be produced in Germany itself and which they have previously imported, with example. The development of Germany's air fleet. Posters everywhere emphasizing the importance of aviation. A healthy sign that there is a certain amount of humour in Germany in relation to some of Hitler's men. The German people behind Hitler in spite of the Blood Purge. Some comments on the nature of the German people. Hitler's accomplishments from the German point of view. Germany today compared with the defeated power under the Treaty of Versailles. Where it is all leading. Purpose of the Germany army. The Nazi Party programme adopted back in 1920. The intense hatred of France by Germany. No greater problem of statesmanship before Canada today than to determine what our position is going to be in the face of this threat. Some cold facts. Why we should make our decision now. War inevitable unless Germany's intentions are recognized. The speaker's hope that Canada throws in its lot with the British Empire. Peace still possible.