Vladimir Putin

Lamb, Commissioner David C.

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One or two general observations about the population problem. The black line moving north on the North American Continent and south in Africa and in the Far East the yellows moving where? World pressure increasing in terms of population. Four aspects of the question: Political, Economic, as it affects Canada, and as it affects the humanities. A feeling of impatience with politicians and economists. The distribution of the Empire's population in regard to defence capable of some adjustment. The danger of the vacant spaces of the Empire unless we proceed with reasonable diligence to develop them. Anxieties from within and without the Union of South Africa. A look at the distribution of population in Queensland. The question of eugenics. The speaker's tentative conclusion that the fittest do not survive, and his reasons for it. The speaker's suggestion that the nations of the earth need a court of equity, to which all may submit their disputes and an international police prepared, if and when necessary, to enforce the decisions of the court. The hope that Britain will lead the way in this matter. The International Hague Tribunal. The League of Nations. Settling the population questions by equity, not by law. The general lack of understanding of Economics, and some figures to illustrate the difficulty. The report from the International Labour Office about the density of population in relation to unemployment and access to raw materials. The situation in Canada with regard to immigration, and unemployment. The speaker's conclusion that nothing can take the place of an old and well tried colonization principle. Taking the long view. Capital for development. Common sense humanities of the present world situation. Recapturing some creative energy. Where we go from here.