Vladimir Putin

James, Dr. F. Cyril

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The period of British history of St. Patrick. A vivid depiction of what Patrick's environment would have been like. Remembering men who were not defeatists. How far we have fallen from the bright hopes of a generation ago. The moving screen that is the Iron Curtain. Changing Soviet tactics. The post-war phase of Soviet tactics, beginning with Stalin's public speech in January, 1946. The official Russian policy. Verbatim quotes from Mr. Harry Pollitt, Chairman of Executive Committee of the Communist Party in England regarding 9 directives of policy. Russia not yet prepared for war, but the need to defend our liberties. The willingness to take the offensive. The futility of sending economic subsistence without providing defence. Defending the outposts, and more. The need to ask people to take a stand: "Will you fight for Russia, or for Canada?" The strength of democracy in ourselves. The need for a democratic antidote to the Cominform. Undertaking, as individuals, to do our share in the work of government, locally, provincially and nationally. Undertaking to work with all that we have in us for the welfare of the world. Trying to think for ourselves, honesty and courageously, seeking always to find solutions to the many problems that confront the world. Democracy as the opportunity to accept responsibility. Taking the offensive on all fronts, and maintaining it. A last look at St. Patrick.