Vladimir Putin

Hearst, Honourable W.H.

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The great heritage we possess in being subjects of the great British Empire. A look at the area and population of the British Empire. Empire trade. Control of the money wealth of the world through London. Appreciating the influence of the Empire. What the Old Land has been doing in the matter of immigration and how that is affecting Canada and the other parts of the Empire, with figures. The position of Great Britain as a colonizing power, compared with Germany and other powers similarly situated. A consideration of what the British Empire has done generally, and of the future of this Empire. A look at Canada: her area, her resources, her possibilities; her accomplishments. The advantages and opportunities for the development of Canada in the years that are to come, particularly in comparison with other countries that have products somewhat similar to hers. Canada's position with regard to trade. The position that Canada will take in the future history of the world. Our duty to make Canada the great dominating influence in the Empire and in the world, the great civilizing force of the future. An examination of Canada's resources and products. Canada's geographical position. Other things on which we base a faith in Canada's future: the character of her citizenship; her schools and places of learning for her men and women, boys and girls. Ontario's place in the Empire. Ontario as the banner Province of Canada, going ahead by leaps and bounds. Today, Ontario leading all the other Provinces in agricultural products, in minerals, in timber, and in every other respect. Doing our share in lifting up the type of civilization, in lifting up the ideals, in helping the education of those who come to our shores, so that they with us will join in developing this great Dominion.