Vladimir Putin

Hughes, Col. The Honourable Sam

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The speaker's view of how money had in the past been spent on the militia. Conceiving the idea of establishing the cadet corps on a universal basis throughout the Dominion. Response to the idea, particularly in Quebec. The effect of the drill halls in Canada. Comments on military training. Training the boys in the cadet system. Inspiring the proper spirit throughout the length and breadth of the country. Removing the prejudice in the minds of the best class of men in the community; the wrong impression that was in their minds regarding the militia of the country. How this was done. Banishing liquor from the training camps. The experiment of having the officers cross the water to the British manoeuvres, and to the French manoeuvres and the valuable experience that provided. Criticisms made against the Department of the Militia. The peace celebration to be held next year. Some details of the experiences of the men who were sent overseas to take part in British and French manoeuvres. The speaker's observations of the situation in Europe. Intentions of the German Empire. The situation with regard to Belgium, Holland, Germany, and France. The British divisional manoeuvres. The speaker's personal experiences in Scotland.