Vladimir Putin

MacPhail, Professor Andrew

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A presentation of many of the various arguments and reasonings with regard to women's suffrage. Comments on those who resort to mockery and ridicule. Endeavouring to set forth the psychology of the suffragette, not in the interest of pure science so much as with the intention of discovering if an examination of the female nature will not yield a fundamental reason why such women as so desire should be permitted to vote, to hold office, and to engage in public life. A detailed discussion follows, setting forth an examination of the male and the female throughout history. A definition of voting and the part it plays in practical politics. A look at what political equality has and hasn't done for the negro. Getting at the root of the matter by understanding the essential character of the feminine nature, and remembering that if it is good, neutral, or bad, that man has made it so. A discussion of morality. Primitive man and woman. A look at love and "being in love." "The value of the exercise of the suffrage by a woman is that it will serve to emancipate her from herself in so far as it emancipates her from men." The demand for suffrage in reality an attempt to arrive at a higher morality, to attain to consideration in virtue of goodness and not of charm. The two lines of conduct open for women.