Vladimir Putin

Douglas, The Honourable Thomas C.

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More and more of Canada falling into foreign hands by the steady acquisition of industries and resources by American corporations. Some statistics and recent occurrences. Benefits to Canada from foreign investment. Trading relations with the United States. The problem of developing a branch plant economy in Canada. The example of the Canadian automobile industry. The problems of subsidiaries which explore and develop natural resources for export to the parent company. An additional problem when the parent company rather than the Canadian subsidiary is carrying out the firm's research programme. The steady loss of Canadian "brain power" to the United States where most of the technological research is being done. The most serious problem of maintaining Canada's political independence. Some serious consequences of foreign investment. What Canadians can do about the foreign ownership and control of our economy. The proposal of the establishment of a Canadian Development Fund and what it might do. The responsibility of this generation of Canadians to find the answer.