Vladimir Putin

MacFarlane, J.A.

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No lack of public interest in medical affairs. A brief history of medicine, and interest in it going back to the earliest writing of Egypt, Arabia, Greece and Rome. The development of medical science in Britain, on the continent, in the United States and in Canada. The twelve medical schools in Canada, each an integral part of a university. Examination of the Medical Council of Canada and the right to register and practise in any province in Canada. The objectives of a medical school. The place of a Canadian medical school in the national life of Canada. A look at the medical school at the University of Toronto. Details of training programmes. Various schools in the Faculty of Medicine. Participation in Nursing Schools. The teaching physician and his or her responsibilities. Financing a modern medical school. The question of fees. Canada's reputation for the quality of medical service available to its people, both in peace and war. Advances in medical research and what they mean to the present generation. Some statistics. The increasing need for leadership in many fields. The extent to which the institutions of higher learning, including the medical schools, shall continue to thrive and expand, dependent on the citizens of the country.