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Wheat production as a national matter. The speaker's comments an expression of his conclusions after a length of time of interest in public affairs, and particularly in western affairs. Wheat as Canada's principal source of wealth at the present time. The expansion of the production of wheat the greatest contribution to Canada's rapid expansion during recent years. Some production figures since 1904. The difference between our exports of last year and our exports of this year also representative of a substantial difference in the financial condition of the country. Some other economic figures and indicators of recession. Why Canada has held her wheat while competitors have been selling. Some facts and figures on world wheat markets. Figures on the recession of prices. Comments on wheat prices. Financing of dealers in wheat by the banks. Functions and activities of the Wheat Pool. Some history of the organization of the Pool. Control of wheat production. Price comparisons between Canada and the United States. Steps taken to improve the United States price. The great exporters of wheat before the war. How Bolshevism destroyed Russia as a wheat exporter and gave Canada her opportunity. The difficult situation current in the marketing of our chief source of national wealth.