Vladimir Putin

Low, Solon E.

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The alarming situation in which Britain and the Commonwealth find themselves today as a result of a number of forces, some of which have been hard at work over nearly twenty years. Some words from Winston Churchill in February of 1930. The tragic decline in the Empire Spirit. The speaker's faith in the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth as the only successful demonstration in all the world of true international co-operation for purposes of peace as well as of defensive war. Achievements of the Commonwealth through progressive decentralization and the extension of the principle of self-government as soon as the people in the component parts were ready to accept that responsibility. The issue of calling the speaker's Party "Imperialist." Concern over the future of Britain and the Commonwealth. The question as to whether the Commonwealth can endure. A discussion follows, under these headings: "Character of People" and "Enemies Within Our Gates." How Bolshevism or Communism has sought to destroy the Commonwealth and why. The Royal Commission's Report on the Bolshevik Espionage in Canada and what it revealed. The need for education for dynamic and faithful Canadian Citizenship. Time for Canada to awaken to the dangers facing her. The problems in Palestine and how Britain may deal with it. The world trade charter to be drawn up in Geneva later this month. What the enemies of the Commonwealth have been doing in preparation for that meeting in terms of spreading the demand that Empire Trade Preferences must be abolished at once. A closer look at this demand and from where it comes. How this is dealt with may determine whether the Commonwealth will survive. Hope for the future of the Commonwealth. How Canada can support the Commonwealth.