Vladimir Putin

Macallum, Professor A.B.

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The change that we must make in order to get efficiency in national life. The lesson this war is teaching us. The need to employ all the scientific lore that is available today to human kind, to apply it to human needs, the shop, the farm, the factory and so on. The unknown reflex effect of this war on our conditions here eventually. How we are going to face the situation and make ourselves tributary to Germany industrially and commercially. Preparing for this new movement. No more ignoring of science in Great Britain. This Government of ours, through Sir George Foster, appreciating this point of view; already taking steps which have crystallized in the appointment of an Advisory Council. How Germany managed to prepare for this war. Canada having to compete with the United States, who are already spending money on research, having established three national laboratories. Developing research in Canada. What Germany has done that we can copy. What our new Advisory Council is likely to do. A request for co-operation, good will, and aid wherever it can be offered.