Vladimir Putin

Erickson, Arthur

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Inhabiting a place about which we show the most fantastic ignorance. Ways of thinking that have made it impossible for us to realize just what the city is. The tendency to particularize, to specialize. The North American city gradually being destroyed, dismembered by righteous, logical but totally insensitive attitudes. Planners, architects, engineers beginning to realize the folly of the approach, and beginning to contradict the tenets of zoning. Beginning to mix factories, residences, etc.: just as disastrous an attitude, but a way of getting out of the present situation. Examples of problems caused by such specialization. Some examples of alternative approaches. The great task of seeing the total situation; bringing different views of the situation together. The role of the architect. Functionalism and how it worked. Moving into another stage. Beginning to question the actual meaning and importance of our institutions. The human habitat in the twentieth century. The real purpose of architecture. The problem of the city. Facing the problem. What is the North American city? Coming of age. Observing and really seeing our own peculiar environment.