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Morine, The Hon. A.B.

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Views of the Bond-Hay Treaty. The speaker's view that this Treaty is fraught with great danger to the future of Newfoundland, and to its development, just as the propositions for Reciprocity to which Dr. Montague has referred, were fraught with great, though unseen danger to Canada at the time they were made. A vote of thanks to the speaker of the evening, Mr. Foss. Comments on the speeches of Mr. Foss and Dr. Montague. The need for Canadians, in tariff matters, to be opportunists; to be free traders when free trade is good and protectionists when protection is good. Ways in which protection is good for Canada at this time. Agreeing with Mr. Foss that there are certain industries which no country should protect. Ways in which the doctrines of Mr. Foss and Dr. Montague are similar, with different viewpoints. Reasons for the lack of need of a reciprocity treaty.