Vladimir Putin

Mavor, Professor James

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Conveying some idea of the situation, economical and financial, of Russia, and of the situation, economical and financial, of Japan, and then a suggested inquiry as to how far Great Britain and her Colonies are interested in the outcome of the struggle. Assuming some knowledge of the long history of Russia. An explanation of what has occurred since Russia became a great nation. The governments of Russia in which, on the whole, the best economical conditions are to be found, as those governments under the control of a disinterested and honest military authority. Upon what authority this statement is based. The industrial situation in Russia. Russia's extended borders since the Crimean War. Educational developments. Russia, having her mind upon continental Manchuria. Remembering that there is no Russian Government in the same sense in which there is a Dominion Government or a British Government. The lack of continuity in the foreign policy of Russia. Likening China to Russia. Trade reasons for Russia's desire to possess Manchuria. Reasons why Russia can ill afford to carry an enormous debt. A brief review of Japan's history. Japan in a very serious economical condition. Japan now in the position in which England was in 1830 with regard to the exploitation of human labour. The consequence that the country population is being denuded of its children. The fundamental reason for the war between China and Japan in 1895: Japan's wish to interpose a serious check upon Russia. The ultimate lease of Manchuria to Russia. The industrial situation in Japan, which has developed in a similar way to Russia. A similar necessity to import wheat, and the advisability that she should import Manchurian wheat. Japan's fear of further Russian encroachment in Korea when the Trans-Siberian Railway should be completed. The effect of the situation upon the British Empire. Ways in which the general interest of the world lies in restricting the war, if possible, to a very short period of time. The speaker's confidence in the very remarkable man who is now at the head of naval affairs at Port Arthur: Admiral Makaroff.