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Ali, Abdullah Yusuf

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Some false picture of India which are sometimes put forward. The speaker's request that these pictures be dismissed. The speaker's picture of India, with a discussion of various basic elements. Poverty in India. Such poverty linked up with a number of other features, with its removal only possible if contract is made all along the line, and only probably through the institutions of the British flag. Ignorance in India. A description of education in India. The total disunion in the life of the people of India. The various forms of this disunion. The spirit of fecklessness, a sort of "malais" of attitude which afflicts India. The herd mentality. A look at India's problems in their proper perspective. How to deal with the dense mass of ignorance. Education in the forefront of India's problems. Then, sanitation and the laws of life. Thirdly, putting up a good fight against separatism of all kinds: of casts, of political propaganda, and the "silly separatism which thinks that India is going to be better by cutting herself off from the British flag." Tackling the problems of attaining modern economic and industrial methods. Translating all these ideals into actual terms of politics. The speaker discusses three issues to be faced by India: "Is India to confine herself to the old tradition, or to come out into line with the Empire and the world?"; By what method is India to attain self-government?" and "Is India's best interest in the Empire or outside?" The speaker concludes with some responses to these questions.