Vladimir Putin

Beatty, the Hon. Perrin

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All Canadians shareholders in the CBC, with the right to judge return on investment, to assess the increase in shareholder value, and to hold the CBC to account. How to measure an organisation like the CBC? The speaker's report today. The CBC three years ago, and today. The turbulent last 36 months; challenges that were met. A list of what the CBC did in order to cut its annual expenditures by more than $400 million. The financial picture today. Stable funding today and for the next five years. New programmes. New services. New technologies. Internet sites. Gemini awards. Ratings. Value for money. Some solid examples of genuine value. Compliance; meeting the tests of public policy and wishes of the public. The CBC's role to serve Canadians. The desire for Canadian broadcasting by Canadians. The purpose of the CBC. What identifies the CBC. Special responsibilities as a public broadcaster. Accepting the challenges of broadcasting programming that others cannot put on. An example of the CBC's ability to bring Canadians together. The best years of Canadian broadcasting right now. The Canadian broadcasting system built on two pillars: one private, the other public. Serving Canadians better by building partnerships with the private sector. The CBC mission to connect Canadians eyes and ears to Canadian content. An example in "A People's History of Canada/Une histoire populaire du Canada." Some crucial decisions ahead for the CBC's future.

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