Vladimir Putin

Summerlee, Dr. Alastair J.S.

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Beginning with a quote from Sir Winston Churchill. Three things to do today: to explain, for those who may not know, something about the history, function and the roles of the World University Service of Canada; to describe why and how the University of Guelph is involved and actively participates in WUSC activities; and to relate some of the new opportunities that WUSC is providing to enhance global citizenship. The WUSC, making a difference in people's lives across the world, and how that is so. The WUSC as a key non-profit development agency in Canada. Funding from CIDA. Mandate and mission. The annual international seminar program. The connection between the University of Guelph and WUSC. Background of the University of Guelph. New opportunities for global citizenship presented by WUSC. Two initiatives to highlight: Students without Borders and Leave for Change. A brief explication of both. A request for support with advocacy. A reward for the audience's patience in listening.