Vladimir Putin

McEachern, Ronald A.

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Some of the very hard and disagreeable problems which now confront Canada on a longer-term basis, and particularly for the period between now and 1970. The end of a quarter-century of easy and swift growth. A brief review of economic development and progress over the last 25 years. The current period of economic stagnation. A look at some of the economic realities facing us in the next decade. A review of the agricultural, mining, pulp and paper, and secondary manufacturing industries. What has gone wrong with manufacturing. What makes the foreign competition so powerful. Factors that will help the basic forces in Canada start rolling forward again. Characteristics of Canada as a nation. The role of government action and policy that has made and kept Canada a nation. The original necessity in Canada for governments to condition the climate in which business operates and thus influence the direction of Canadian development. The need for new ideas and policies. Difficulties for Canada due to the great trading blocs forming in Europe. The factor of Canada's demographics. Suggestions as to what we can do to keep Canada a good place in which to live and work. Some comparisons of Canada with other nations. Problems with our tax system. Canada's advantages. The need to "wake up and face the realities of our new age and take sensible, positive decisions on how to survive and prosper in this new age."