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His Honour Sir John Hendrie, Lady Hendrie, and Representatives of Women's Work being present as guests. Ways in which these years are women's years. The men and women of Canada answering the call of August, 1914 in a way which has left no doubt in the mind of the Mother Country as to our attitude to the war. The gigantic whirr of work being heard ever since from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The work of The Canadian Red Cross, The Daughters of the Empire, The Women's Institutes, and other organizations. The work for the sailors that is done by the National Ladies' Guild for Sailors and the work it does for British Naval men and for the Mercantile Marine by the homes, institutes and clubs that exist in Canada both on the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts. Weekly shipments made by the Queen Mary's Guild. The Volunteer Hospital Supplies Association which came into existence for No. 4 Canadian Hospital. Thanks to the teachers of the schools for the kind of work they have done, and for their example to the children. The work of the V.A.D. of the St. John's Ambulance; the educational work of the League of Empire; the canteen workers; the women workers who helped so materially in the Exhibition Camp. The work for the French, the women of the Secours National. The Serbian Relief work done by men as well as women. The success of the Toronto Women's Patriotic League in its various department: knitting, emergency workroom, employment bureau, the Belgian Relief Fund and soldiers' comforts department. Work done through the churches, bringing all classes and denominations of women together. Other large societies, large political associations on both sides who have worked hard on patriotic lines ever since the beginning of the war. The Wartime Thrift Committee. The difficulty of raising funds. The tag days that have been managed by women and carried out effectively and the funds carefully distributed. Lessons the war has taught us. Hope that our women may keep up their health and strength to do their part to help on the work of those soldiers who are fighting for us for the freedom of the world.