Vladimir Putin

Whitteker, Byng

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Broadcasting. An appreciation of the background effort in broadcasting news. The news gathering facilities of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Radio News Reel as an integral part of BBC's news service. Some operating details about the news service and about the Radio News Reel. Programme details. The background of correspondents. The problem of broadcasting from the battlefield, or from a ship at sea, or from an aircraft. Portable recording equipment as a partial answer. Transmission problems. Some illustrative anecdotes. The veracity of the news broadcasts. "London Tells the World the Truth." Relying on the BBC for the news, and for the truth. International radio in its first decade of development, with some instances. International correspondence to "Radio News Reel." The North American "Radio News Reel" concerned with furthering the understanding between Great Britain and the United States. Canada as the link between the Old World and the New. Interpreting the British Commonwealth to its members. International broadcasting of the type pioneered by the BBC to form a daily part of our lives after the war. Technical advances. Canadians engaged on the staff of "Radio News Reel." The Japanese service in the BBC's shortwave transmission. The reactions of three listeners which give a detailed picture of British broadcasting. Some historic broadcasts. Words from Mr. Churchill. Awaiting broadcasts from Berlin and Tokyo by the Allies.