Vladimir Putin

Fleming, The Honourable Donald M.

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Some personal background of how the speaker came to his present position. His remarks today of a non-partisan nature. Dollars as one of the most important tools of governmental policy and an ever-present concern of a Minister of Finance. Human characteristics taken on by dollars. The "sense" in the title a common sense, good judgment, even wisdom. The part that good sense has to play in the stages of the life of the dollar. How good sense in what they do in the acquiring, spending and saving of dollars is important to individuals, to nations, and to government. The speaker's belief that governments should be guided by common sense. The material change undergone by economic problems in recent months. Canada's economic position and outlook. A review of 1957. Some facts and figures to indicate Canada's economic state. The role that confidence plays in the economy of a free society. Response to new issues of Government bonds. Unemployment. What Government can do to alleviate unemployment. Development programmes. The importance of private investment. Fiscal and monetary policy: some history and a review. Relaxation in the tight money policy and what that may effect. The subject of trade, exports and imports. The Trade and Economic Conference. Some remarks on Canada-United States relations. Some remarks addressed specifically to businessmen. Businessmen setting an example.