Vladimir Putin

Ratcliffe, S.K.

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Some introductory comments about the general world outlook. 1937 as a year of multiple troubles and anxieties. 1938 to tell us the direction in which the world is travelling: how the decision in Spain will go; what is likely to happen in the new imperial adventure of Italy in North Africa; what the situation will be in Soviet Russia; gauging some of the main results of the great Japanese adventure now going forward in China; hoping that in Europe we may see an approach to peace. This November the 20th anniversary of the close of the war. The crushing of the hopes of 1919. The debates and the decisions in the League today having little to do with the great issues that are being decided between the powers. A review of events since 1929. Effects of the depression years. The reign of Adolf Hitler. Britain and Germany in direct conflict again. The insistence of Hitler's demands. Treaty repudiations. Hitler's declaration of the aims of Germany in "Mein Kampf." Influences working upon Hitler; why he has changed his position, his political philosophy. Demands made on Hitler by the German populace with regard to the return of the German colonies. Effects of the Treaty of Versailles. British opinion. The difficulties involved in facing the problem as to what should now be done and what steps should be taken by the National Government. The coming of the Fascist and Nazi power in international affairs bringing about a new danger to Europe, a peril which all the political democracies are bound to take with the greatest gravity. Two positive things with which to deal: the recklessness which governments of this character have shown in dealing with treaties and with the plighted word; a new kind of international morality, or rather non-morality, between governments that has been brought in and that has been greatly increased since the coming of the new dictatorial powers. The chances of satisfying Germany with any reasonable answer to the demands. The speaker's practical answer to the challenge. An examination of the present foreign policy of the British Government, and the division of opinion with regard to how to hold the peace, and how to deal with Hitler. The imminent and difficult decision to be made.