Vladimir Putin

Bessborough, Lord

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Ladies Day. The present Government in the U.K. in favour of a policy of disengagement from intervention in industry. The abolishment of the Ministry of Technology. The abandonment of the industrial grant system in favour of tax relief and the abolishment of the Industrial Reorganization Corporation. Consequences of these actions. The upcoming budget. General agreement between British industry and the Government that "there must be a stimulus to investment by increasing the profitability of companies." The state of British industry is discussed in detail by looking at specific instances and industries, under the following headlines. Rolls Royce; General Policy and the Industrial Relations Bill; The Aircraft Industry; Helicopters; Hovercraft; Hoverrail; Cars; Electric Cars; Atomic Energy; Isotopes; The New Fuel Companies; Computers; Pollution; Desalting of Water; Super-Conductivity; Radar; Lasers; Agricultural Research; Medical Research; Ammonia; Fabrics; Plate glass. Some general and summary remarks. The Government's determination to control inflationary wage demands and stabilize prices. The need for firms to stand on their own feet. Dealing with high unemployment figures. Unions recognizing the need for greater productivity. The self-interests of everyone in the Western World to know that Britain is becoming strong. Balance of payments and export figures.