Vladimir Putin

Young, Professor T. Cuyler

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The speaker's familiarity with the subject. Some words on the immediate background for the understanding of the current problems of modern Iran. An historical overview of Iran. Iran's position during the second World War. Russia, Britain, and the U.S. in Iran. These three powers and the relationship between them and each with Iran: divergent policies. The continued suspicion of the British by the Iranians and reasons for it. A new idea of the Americans for the Iranians. How the three powers continued together on this "land bridge of Asiatic victory" in a military way, and also in the building of peace to follow, since the signing of the Tehran Declaration. The Teddy Party and its pro-Community, pro-Moscow line in all internal and external affairs. The dominance of the National Assembly. The strategic position of Azerbaijan, and the revolution there. The speaker's convictions about this situation, having been there in the last week of this revolution bearing witness as to how such a revolution is consummated and how power is transferred bloodlessly from one group to another. Pressure brought to force the Government in Tehran to resign. The non-withdrawal, indeed increase of Russian troops. Subsequent events in Azerbaijan and Tehran. The struggle for political control. False distortions of the real picture. The results of the first round in the struggle for cooperation of the "Big Three" in Iran of their independence and integrity and a new opportunity to put their house in order. The United States carrying the ball in defence of Iran over the last year and a half. The need for a real policy of the United States Government for building up a strong, independent, progressive, democratic, prosperous Iran, as well as other such states in the Middle East. Consequences of there not being implemented a policy along the lines of real political and economic democracy. An unequalled opportunity for the Western Powers in that part of the world right now. The need to be realistic in our relationships with our erstwhile Allies in this part of the world. Hoping to come through to a cooperation with our Soviet friends in the building of a new world peace.