Vladimir Putin

Romulo, H.E. General Carlos P.

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A joint meeting with United Nations Association in Canada (Toronto Branch). How the Philippines, together with the rest of the Far East, has become our next-door neighbour. Manila, capital city of the Philippines, less than two days' flying time from Toronto. The earth becoming smaller; our concept of inter-dependence among nations becoming broader. The Dominion of Canada, historically oriented towards Europe, not playing an increasingly important role in Asia today. The role which Canada has assumed in Asia. A brief history of Western Powers in Asia. The need for a reaffirmation of faith among the peoples of the free world today. Passing through a period of disappointment and doubt about the United Nations. The seeming indefinite extension of the "cold war." The speaker's belief that there is no cause for despair about the United Nations, and why. Plotting the future according to the lessons learned: patience; the fact that a free world divided against itself is no match for the Communist world; that the free world, through the United Nations, should utilize more fully its capacity to help the underdeveloped countries to raise their standards of living by democratic means. On what the fate of the United Nations will depend.