Vladimir Putin

Lalonde, The Honourable Marc

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The social well-being of individual Canadians. The Working Paper on Social Security. The first stage of social security review, with implementation of immediate reforms done. Now, difficult decisions to make. How to meet the income needs of those who are unable to work. How to ensure that Canadians with low wages receive adequate incomes. How to care for those unable to achieve full independence. How to ensure employment for those that can work. How to ensure income security. A reflection of the moral and ethical decisions to be made. A discussion under the following headings: The Facts of Income Distribution; and What do the Community's Values Suggest? Defining a national conscience in the field of social security. Some statistics to work with. How to use the numbers. Various approaches to the problem. Public assurance. More questions to answer regarding standard of living and income guarantees. Elections used to bring politicians back to the people. Individual stories not to be forgotten.