Vladimir Putin

Philip, Percy James

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How union and harmony in human experience are certainly not the same thing. An analogy with love and marriage. The speaker's belief that harmony, which is of the spirit, is greater than union. What the speaker has to say on this thesis to follow logically from his last three addresses: "The World Without the Empire," "Cross Roads," and "The Road Before Us." A brief review. Looking a little closer into how Unions work. The American faith in the Union formula, and the events out of which that faith was built. The common experience that in both the Unions of the United States and the United Kingdom, there quickly developed a tendency for some of the partners to try to coerce the others, even to the extent of making war against them. Keeping that in mind during a time of much high-pressure propaganda in favour of Unions of all kinds. The racial harmony that exists in Canada. The speaker's suggestion that we might call our country "The Harmony of Canada" in order to stimulate Canadians to set a new pattern and good example for others to imitate. Some unions which have been disastrous. The dangerous Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. A critical look at the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The difficulty for some European countries to meet the demands made on them in the name of mutual defence. The possibility of a Western European Union and what that would mean.