Vladimir Putin

Yalden-Thomson, L.A.C. David

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The speaker's previous experience as District Commissioner of Pemba Island, a British Protectorate. Pemba Island as a fair sample of the numerous and little known Protectorates which are part of the British Empire. A physical and geographical description of Pemba Island. The interesting history of the island. Traces of the Arab conquest. The Arab Empire based on trade in two commodities: ivory and slaves. Marks of the Portuguese from the seventeenth century when they were briefly in control of Zanzibar. The bullfight. The scramble for Africa which began in the nineteenth century between the Belgians, the English, the Germans and the French. German and then British Government for Zanzibar and Pemba. The inhabitants. Arabs outside of Arabia. Some personal anecdotes and reminiscences of the speaker's years in Pemba. The Africans in Pemba. Health problems and conditions. The Government machinery by which Pemba is run. A description of the people and activities of the Colonial Service, interspersed with illustrative anecdotes. War-time duties. Finances. The future of Pemba. The aim to move toward self-government. Achievements so far. Difficulties and obstacles to independence. The Sultanate of Zanzibar. A concluding look at the history of the British Empire over the last 150 years. The speaker's suggestion to hasten self-government. The need for brain, not brawn, when it comes to colonial administrators.