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Wood, Lieutenant J.E.R.

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The story of Oflag IVC, and the Canadian "Escape King", Lt. Bill Miller, Royal Canadian Engineers. The Dieppe Raid of August 19, 1942. A positive response to the questions, "Was it worth while? Was the raid a success?" A review of the situation up to the summer of 1942. The experience of the Canadians at Dieppe. Some of the reasons we didn't do better at Dieppe, including a pre-war indifference to National Defence matters. The gain from Dieppe. The end of the battle and capture. Details of life in the prison camps. Getting to know the British in the prison camp. Parcels from the Red Cross. Courses and books from The Canadian Legion War Services. Participation of the Canadian Prisoners-of-War Relatives Association. The idea of Escaping. The Escape Committee of the Senior British Officer. Details of escape plans, strategies, and the escapes. The late Lt. Bill Miller's idea of having the boys write short, punchy incidents of their military and prison career; the start of "Detour." Producing and publishing.