Vladimir Putin

Rogge, Dr. Peter

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A joint meeting with the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the German Canadian Chamber of Commerce. A review of some of the trends shaping up in Eastern Europe, and the impact of those trends for the rest of the world. A brief review of events in Eastern Europe since the beginning of Perestroika in 1985. Questions for the development of the world economy arising from those historic events. Europe's importance in the global economy with the largest population and the highest per-capita income. Some observations by the speaker, based on facts, figures, and indicators of things to come. Common characteristics of those facts and figures. Monetary problems resulting from assisting deficit-prone Socialist sectors of the economy. The loss of traditional markets for Eastern European countries. Results of these difficulties. Effects of the dismantling of Socialist economies and their turnaround. Results of opinion polls. The imperative turnaround. The size, cost, and capital impact on world markets since the opening up of the Eastern European countries. Solutions. Solutions requiring capital, know-how and technology from Canada, the United States, and Western Europe. Potential of the new markets opening up, with specific examples. Facing the dual challenge of the confrontation with misery and hardship, and opportunity and hope.