Vladimir Putin

Fraser, John F.

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Some remarks on free trade. A brief overview of the current economic situation in the western provinces. The outcome of the next federal election. The speaker's impression of the broader, more fundamental issues concerning the West today, and their implication for the future of Canada. Growth in most western provinces to exceed the national average. Some specific indicators of economic growth in the West. The reality of western alienation, and its importance to the next federal election. A "shift in the wind" that might alter the political landscape in the West. The factor of the great free trade debate. That, and other factors that will affect the outcome of the election. Some more permanent, fundamental and underlying currents of the West. The problem of imbalance and factors that affect it. The combination of the Meech Lake accord and the free trade agreement and how that combination will affect the rebuilding of regional power, followed by a detailed discussion of this issue. Moving forward together, in harmony and with confidence and optimism, "to take full advantage of the exciting opportunities soon to be available to us".