Vladimir Putin

Tabouis, Madame Genevieve

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Hitler's costliest mistakes. France standing unconquered in the face of the enemy. De Gaulle's Fighting French Army and their military achievements restoring France's place among the United Fighting Nations. France's startling transformation and the situation today. Two classes: the Collaborationists and the Resisters of Naziism, the latter representing about 99% of all Frenchmen. The hatred that divides these two factions. The four main groups of the Fighting French, each with its own publication. Activities carried out by these groups. The Vichy Government. The meaning of the Dieppe Commando Raid to the Frenchmen and women. How the French resistance movement means to go into every class of the population. The persecution of the Jewish population going hand in hand with the persecution of the French clergy. The underground press in France. The role of youth in the resistance. How the French Army was made useless to Hitler. Quotations of extracts from a manifesto which was printed as a leaflet and distributed in Underground France telling of the aims and hopes of the French people. France's liberty.