Vladimir Putin

Parsons, S.R.

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A report and view of the Exhibition as the speaker saw it. The British Empire Exhibition as a great co-operative effort, and how that is so. The lack of private gain in connection with the Exhibit. The site at Wembley. The impossibility of comparing this Exhibit with that of the Canadian National Exhibition, except perhaps in terms of the grounds and the buildings. Details of the exhibits, beginning with the British Government buildings which are of a permanent character. The opening ceremony. A quotation from the reply of the King to the Prince of Wales on the opening of the Exhibition. A detailed description of many of the buildings and exhibits follows, including those of West, East and South Africa, Malta, the Canadian exhibit (in even greater detail), the West Indies, British Guiana, India, Burma, Malaysia, Borneo, Hong Kong, Ceylon, Palestine, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Great Britain (in very great detail). The continuity of the Exhibition. The hope that much woeful ignorance in high places and among all classes in England will be dispelled by this great Exhibition, especially in regard to their lack of knowledge of the Dominions and colonies. Some illustrative examples of this lack of knowledge.