Vladimir Putin

Ross, Dr. J.W.

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The progress and development that is going on in China. An historical review, to see China from a different angle from that presented today. China as the oldest civilized nation in the world, outliving all its contemporaries of Ancient History. Reasons why China has survived for so long. China as the most poorly understood country in the world, and reasons for that. China's discouragement of foreign visitors. The great fertility of China. Production of silk, tea, cotton, and every kind of grain. Coal, iron ore and other minerals. The mistaken belief that rice is the universal food of the Chinese people. The myth of over-population. The several races that make up the Chinese population. Characteristics and customs of the Chinese people. The Chinese business man. Domestic commerce. Most of China's troubles traced to foreigners, with illustrative examples. Ways in which China is changing. Much of the progress observed in China due to the expansion of foreign business, the establishment of industries, and the employment of machinery that is now becoming common. Signs that show that the field of the world's greatest activity is likely to shift from Europe to Asia during this century. Expectations for China's future. A last word with regard to the position of China and Japan. Japan's changing attitude towards China. The possibility of an attitude of "Asia for the Asiatics."