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Chrétien, The Honourable Jean

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Objectives with respect to Canada's energy policy: energy security; fairness; opportunity. Meeting these objectives and what will be required to do so. The factor of OPEC price increases beginning ten years ago and how that changed the international economic order. Efforts to protect Canadian industry and consumers against sharp increases in international energy prices by the government of Canada. The success of the government's policies. Some examples of concrete consumer and industrial benefits from government policies. Expectations and realities of the pricing system, installed back in September, 1981. Continuing uncertainty. Changes in both the perception and reality of international oil markets and what that has meant for Canada's current policy framework. Undertaking a review of the government's current pricing and revenue régime, with particular attention to fairness. Four options which Canadian should consider before governments make decisions; such options having been discussed in public by various interest groups, but not yet in the cabinet. A discussion of each option. The political point of view. The issue of natural gas. Lower oil prices causing problems with the domestic price of gas. The agreement with Alberta. The limitation of the government of Canada's options with regard to natural gas pricing. The need for a review. Implications for Canada's position regarding trade in energy, of the weakness in world markets. The question of exports. The importance of maintaining a secure supply of energy for Canadians in the future. The development of new sources of supply, dependent upon access to markets. Options for surplus. Finding a way to ensure both the viability and continuity of exploration and development and Canada's long-term requirements for energy. Protecting Canada's national interest. Ensuring that we have enough oil and gas for future generations of Canadians. The volatility of the world scene today. Facing new challenges. The need for Canadians to realize that we are all patriots. Making contributions.